[b-hebrew] New Inscription of Hebrew?

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Dear Dave and Karl,

Thanks for your responses.

What really bothers me about the article is that it immediately thinks that
Hebrew developed from a "proto-Canaanite" language (no such language as ever
been produced as far as is known other than through supposition; like "Q" in
Synoptic Studies). This indicates at least three presuppositions.

The first presupposition is that if it is a theological text, it is therefore
not historical nor scientific. The second presupposition is that the Hebrew text
is not historical about the early history of the Israelites. The third
presupposition is that since the Israelites arose from the hill country of
Canaan, then the Hebrew alphabet is taken from there. Dever and others promote
this. Yet it is quite evident from the Hebrew text itself that the Hebrew
alphabet was well advanced by the time they got to the Transjordan since they
had spent 430 years in Egypt pretty much isolated in Goshen with some contact
with the Egyptians until they were enslaved; another 40 years in the Wilderness
Wandering of Exodus through Deuteronomy; and another 7 years during the Conquest
of Joshua. That is a minimum of 477 years in which their language and alphabet
developed. This does not include the loan words from Egypt, Canaan, Aramaic,
etc. did not enter into the language (just look at the number of loan words in
English; maybe not as great in the number of loan words). It is also obvious
that the acceptance of the Aramaic script from the Hebrew script occurred during
the Babylonian Captivity.

I do agree that those who report these inscriptional finds would serve the
scholarly community much better if they published very clear photos of the
finds. Furthermore, there must be a better way to make sure that the FINAL
REPORT IS PUBLISHED BEFORE the archaeologist is allowed to do another dig!
Basically, No Report, No Dig.

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

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> I have to agree with Karl.  At least a transcription would be nice.  As it is,
all we're getting is a
> "X said/Y said" while we sit here and say "Could I check for myself?"
> On 30 Oct 2008 at 22:57, Bryant J. Williams III wrote:
> > Dear List,
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> > The following URL http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,445132,00.html
> > that an inscription on a pottery shard is Hebrew. Whether or not it is the
> > dating does place it about 1000-975 BC.
> Dave Washburn
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