[b-hebrew] Why from right to left?

TedBro at aol.com TedBro at aol.com
Thu Nov 20 08:06:17 EST 2008

Hi, All:
I've heard a theory that the first writings were chiseled into stone. With  a 
chisel in the left hand and a hammer in the right, it would be easiest to 
move  from right to left. 
How though could we go about testing such a hypothesis? I'm afraid  that 
answers to such questions will always remain in the realm of  speculation. 
Ted Brownstein
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sesamox at hotmail.com writes:

I'm not  sure if this question fits in this list, but I think so.
I've been reading  about the origin of writing and I wonder why ancient 
languages such as Hebrew  were written from right to left. 
The first supports for writing were clay  tablets, and if they wrote from 
right to left they could ruin with the hand  what they had just written, if you 
know what I mean. Actually, the same  problem could happen with ink.
I've read the theory that those eastern  peoples originally wrote with their 
left hand, but I find that theory  illogical. Do any of you know of a possible 

Thanks in  advance.

Sergio  Saavedra

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