[b-hebrew] Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex bug repair on transcription notes.

Christopher Kimball transcriber at tanach.us
Tue Jun 17 10:25:47 EDT 2008

My only hardware is an Intel MacPro running OS X 10.5.3 with  Firefox 
RC3 and the site displays correctly except for the continuing SBL Hebrew 
font problems.  (Virtual machines under VMware Fusion allow testing on 3 
MS systems and 2 Linux systems.)  So it's not impossible to see the site 
on a Mac.

An excellent starting point is to clear the cache under the Firefox 
Tools:Clear Private Data... menu item. 

Another test is to determine if you can view


which is viewable even under Safari on my machine.

I'll be glad to work with you and other Mac users on this.  Please send 
as details about your OS X version, computer hardware, browser, and 
network access.

Chris Kimball
West Redding, CT

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