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> The only indication of the plan of the Second Temple prior to Herod's 
> reconstruction is included in Ezra 6.3-4, which is lacking all detail. 
> It is, however, thought most likely that this building followed the 
> plan of the Solomonic temple, though without the wealth of decoration. 
>   Interestingly, Yitzhak Magen has found the foundations of two 
> versions of the temple on Mount Gerizim, the first of which would have 
> been based on the Jerusalem temple in the time of Nehemiah.  See here:
> http://www.antiquities.org.il/article_Item_eng.asp?sec_id=36&subj_id=286
> and also Y. Magen, _Mount Gerizim Excavations_ (Israel Antiquities 
> Authority, 2004).

Very interesting article:

"Based on the archaeological excavations, it turns out that two temples were 
constructed on Mount Gerizim,  The first was built in the fifth century BCE 
and the second, a larger edifice, at the beginning of the second century BCE."

Has anyone reconstructed the plausible dimensions of the Samaritan temples? 
If we could reconstruct the dimensions of the older Samaritan temple we might 
learn something about Nehemiah's temple. Also, has archaeology revealed the 
dimensions of Nehemiah's original temple?

Is it possible that Nehemiah's original temple conformed to the pattern in 

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