[b-hebrew] Daniel 9:24-27

Jason Hare jaihare at gmail.com
Thu Dec 18 17:00:27 EST 2008

Dear Rolf,

I read through the commentary by Jerome that I found online as
translated by Archer. I'd like to get my hands on that book, so I'll
make note of it and look it up in TAU library when I get the chance
(if it's there). Thanks a lot for the references and the input.

Jason Hare

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 11:39 PM, Rolf Furuli <furuli at online.no> wrote:
> Dear Jason,
> Three sources that you may want to study are: G.
> L. Archer jr. "Jerome's Commentary on Daniel"
> (1977). Grand Rapids: Baker Book House; J.
> Braverman (1978) "Jerome's Commentary on Daniel A
> study of comparative Jewish and Christian
> interpretations of the Hebrew Bible" The Catholic
> Biblical Quarterly Monograph Series 7; and O.
> Mörkholm (1966). "Antiochus IV of Syria".
> Köbenhaven: Gyldendalske Boghandel Nordisk forlag
> AS.
> I am writing a book on the dating of the book of
> Daniel from a philological, linguistic, and
> historical point of view. Sad to say, regarding
> the book of Daniel and Antiochus IV, there is an
> overwhelming amount of traditional viewpoints
> that are presented as facts, and which are
> repeated over and over again without having any
> real foundation. Mörkholm shows that much of the
> history of Antiochus IV and his character is
> unknown. In many commentaries what the old
> sources say about Antiochus IV are manipulated to
> fit their interpretations of the text of Daniel.
> A detailed study of Daniel 9:24-27 shows that the
> abomination of desolation was not set up by
> Antiochus IV in 167, but was set up in the first
> century C.E., as Medieval Jewish writers and the
> New Testament say. A detailed study of Daniel,
> chapter 11 and a new translation of the chapter
> has led me to conclude that contrary to the
> universal opinion, Antiochus IV is not mentioned
> at all in this chapter or elsewhere in the book
> of Daniel.
> Best regards,
> Rolf Furuli PH.D
> University of Oslo

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