[b-hebrew] Genesis 31: 47 - Suffix -UT

pporta at oham.net pporta at oham.net
Wed Nov 28 00:05:57 EST 2007

> Your argument is very clear to me, except that I still don't see HOW
> the particle, to use your terminology, -UT turns a noun into an
> abstract noun.
> Isaac Fried, Boston University


Melek, king  ---------> malkut (malk-ut), royalty (1Ch 29:25)

How can this -ut be explained as a combining of personal pronouns?

For confirmation: in Israeli Hebrew.... there are plenty of cases where a 
final -ut means an abstract concept:

1. adom, red ---------> admut, redness
2. pikeaH, seer (Ex 4:11)  ----------> pikHut, cleverness
3. sefer, book ---------> sifrut, literature
etc. etc.

Pere Porta
Barcelona (Spain)

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