[b-hebrew] Genesis 17 Names

Jace Broadhurst jace.broadhurst at aimint.net
Mon Feb 19 15:23:39 EST 2007


For a list of various etymologies for shadday See Weippert, Saddaj (Gottesname), THAT II (1976) 873-871. Knauf adds a couple that Weippert missed in Dushara and Shai'al Qaum and Niehr and Steins in Sadaj, TWAT 7 (1993) is the most recent (I think)

I remember that Delitzsch suggested "mountain" because of the Akkadian sadu (mountain)  and sadda'u (inhabitant of the mountain) and Albright and Cross both said mountain.
And doesnt sadeh (field) come from Sdy which makes it God of the wilderness or God of the mountain wilderness perhaps?
Jace Broadhurst

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