[b-hebrew] A WebSite --> CAUTION: Site locked IE 6 browser.

Kent West westk at acu.edu
Wed Feb 7 10:07:05 EST 2007

Christopher V. Kimball wrote:
> The following site locked up Internet Explorer 6.0 on Windows 2000 with 
> a succession of internal error warnings and required closing the browser.
>>  Web Site=http://www.bethashem.org/
>> Beware!

Might I suggest you download/install/use the free Firefox browser from
http://www.mozilla.com/ ?

* It is more standards-compliant than either IE 6 or 7.

* It is cross-platform (running on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Solaris, etc).

* It has tabbed browsing, which you'll soon grow to love (IE 7 finally
added it after Microsoft saw so many people switching to Firefox).

* It is highly configurable with extensions.

* It is more secure than IE, as it's not tied into the operating system
like IE is; in other words, a security vulnerability in IE is
essentially a vulnerability in Windows itself; a vulnerability in
Firefox is essentially merely a vulnerability in your web browser. Thus,
IE users tend to find themselves with more viruses/spyware than is the
case for Firefox users. (On the convex, since it's not part of the OS,
it does take a little longer to start, and uses up a bit more RAM.)

* In my experience, it does a better job of pop-up blocking than does IE
(which doesn't do it at all without third-party extensions if I recall
correctly -- it's been a long while since I've used IE 6).

Kent West
Westing Peacefully <http://kentwest.blogspot.com>

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