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Yodan Yodan at Yodanco.com
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Yes, you have a point there! 

Since I've never belonged to a group that had another "Rivka", there was
never a problem of confusing me with someone else (or vice versa). But as to
the name "Jane", which is probably more popular in the English-speaking
world, it's a different matter.

Rivka Bat Malka ve-Ya'akov

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If you have ten Janes and five Rivkas, it is easier to tell them apart with 
last names, real or fake. Otherwise, you would have to tell them apart by 
their email addresses. If no one is checking and it does not really matter, 
it is not terrible to use a fake last name.

Kenneth Greifer

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>But what's the point of signing with a fake last name or with a name that
>the other in the group don't know if it's real or fake?
>I agree with Jane's concern (women have more concerns about privacy) and
>think that signing with a first name should be sufficient.  Adding a last
>name (real or fake) should be an option, not a requirement.
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>I don't think anyone cares if you use a fake last name, and I am sure no 
>will check. It just sounds better to use a last name, even if it is fake. I
>think you are taking b-hebrew too seriously. They won't be mad at you for
>this minor thing.
>Kenneth Greifer
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