[b-hebrew] Psalm 8: 6[5] Teaterehu

Isaac Fried if at math.bu.edu
Tue Apr 24 07:25:00 EDT 2007


You are right, in the PIEL it is shwa.

Isaac Fried, Boston University

On Apr 24, 2007, at 12:56 AM, <pporta at oham.net> wrote:

> 4. Now to the associated personal pronouns. TeATREHU = T-ATR-E-HU, or
> in full: TeATREHU = ATAH-ATR-HI-HU, where both ATAH and HI refer to
> the actor, here God, and HU to the beneficiary of God's providence,
> 5. In the case of a female actor it is: TA-ATR-YI-HU, where YI is
> what is left of HYI), 'she'. In the case of a female beneficiary it
> is: TA-ATR-E-HA, where HA is all is left now of HYI), 'she'.
> Dear Isaac,
> Please, why do you write TeATREHU for a male actor and TAATRYIHU  
> for a female actress?
> Why this difference in the first syllable: Te for the masculine and  
> TA for the feminine?
> Are you sure this is right?
> I think both must be "Te", namely TAV and shewa.
> Pere Porta

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