[b-hebrew] Gesenius on femininity response to Peter

Chris and Nel wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Thu Sep 28 05:52:17 EDT 2006

Peter, If God threw dice it would deffinately appear random to us, but you 
know my next thought don't you?

Regards, Chris.

Peter replied:

Yes, there are some patterns, but that does not imply that everything
fits such a pattern.

Your attitude reminds me of that of Einstein, who insisted that "God
does not play dice" and so the results of quantum mechanics could not be
arbitrary. But he was wrong, as Stephen Hawking has demonstrated - see
http://www.hawking.org.uk/lectures/dice.html (and

On 27/09/2006 17:42, Chris and Nel wrote:
> Peter and Karl
> That is my point: "Arbitrary" - I don't really like that.  Arbitrary in 
> this
> instance can also be a replacement for "we have not found the reason"? 
> For
> example, when the numbers 3 t/m 10 take the masc and fem endings back to
> front when modifying their counterparts?  Is this arbitrary? Or do we 
> assume
> that there is a jolly good reason lost to us for the present?
> Secondly there are patterns for nouns apparently without "natural
> gender", such as: Earth and nations, parts of the body, a lot of 
> abstracts;
> I could go on with examples but I am sure that you know them.

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