[b-hebrew] BC date on the 70 weeks

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OK, so just continue to take things out of context, that will get you very far.

What do you think our entire longing - and G-d's Promises, are all 
about?  A few modern roads, hotels, apartment buildings and inner 
city parks,  in Jerusalem - and do you really believe that G-d's 
promises were fulfilled even though control over Har HaBayit was 
relinquished to our archetypical enemies due to politics, and it 
still stand today that Jews are not allowed to daven there, but arabs 



[Steve Miller] It says "From the going forth of the word to restore and to
build Jerusalem", not the Temple.
> 4) Jerusalem is already built and has been in the hands of Israel since
> 1967. Placing the entire 70 weeks in the future requires that Jerusalem
> would have to be destroyed again, so that a word would be given to restore
> it again. But why would a word be needed? Jerusalem is in Israel's hands.
> 5) v25 - The street shall be built again and the wall. That should refer
> to
> ancient time when there was one main street and one wall around it.
> 6) the confirming of the covenant, and the prince causing the sacrifice to
> cease (v27) takes place after the city and sanctuary are destroyed (v26).
> How could the sacrifices still be going on if the temple was previously
> destroyed?
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