[b-hebrew] Satan

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Sep 5 19:11:00 EDT 2006

What is in my version?  NOT an almost g-d-like being that carries on 
a cosmic struggle against G-d.  I don't even agree that evil is an 
independent existence.


> God, as Creator of all, is also the creator of evil. If there were no evil,
> there would be no free choise and no reward for overcoming evil. The idea of
> there being a powerful, almost god-like, evil being that carries on a cosmic
> struggle against God is a pagan one, which found its way into some parts of
> post-biblical Judaism and from there into Christianity.
Understood, although I might dispute the origin of this idea. But it
seems to be in Shoshanna's version of Judaism, if not yours, as well as
in my Christianity.

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