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Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Tue Sep 5 15:36:43 EDT 2006

Shoshanna Walker wrote:

>I don't see that angels have authority - they do G-d's bidding - just 
>as Satan did with Job, despite Harold's claim.  If you read the text, 
>it is clear that Satan twice asked G-d's permission to test Job, and 
>got the permission, with conditions, which Satan followed.  No 
>rebellion, no doing anything without G-d's permission, no authority 
>to do anything without G-d's permission.

HH: Nothing at all happens without God's permission, but both men and 
some angels act contrary to the moral will of God. He permits these 
things to happen to accomplish a greater good, but they are acts of 
rebellion against God. God does not want murder, so when Satan inspires 
murder, he is rebelling against God. He did not ask permission for 
people to murder, but God allowed it.

Harold Holmyard

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