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Sun Sep 3 16:41:27 EDT 2006

Well it doesn't know much about the Sanhedrin.

Did you look at the website I posted?


Dear Yonah and Shoshanna,

>I never even heard of it - at first I thought he meant Encyclopedia Judaica
>*Even* the Jewish Encyclopedia?? Why is it that I never see a Jew
>citing this as his authority for anything? We cite law codes and
>commentaries. We do not cite the Jewish Encyclopedia. It is simply not
>the authority on these matters.

HH: Perhaps the reason the Jewish Encyclopedia is not cited as an
authority is because it is old. It was done in 1906, but the advantage
of it is that all 25,000 articles by over 400 scholars are online. It is
solid scholarship; here are online links:


HH: There is an article about it in Wikipedia that has this note:

Jenny Mendelsohn, of University of Toronto Libraries, in an online guide
to major sources of information about Jews and Judaism says of this
work, "Although published in the early 1900s, this was a work highly
regarded for its scholarship. Much of the material is still of value to
researchers in Jewish History." [1] Reform Jewish rabbi Joshua L. Segal
calls it, "a remarkable piece of Jewish scholarship" and adds, "For
events prior to 1900, it is considered to offer a level of scholarship
superior to either of the more recent Jewish Encyclopedias written in

Harold Holmyard

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