[b-hebrew] Moses' writing? [was: The New Testament]

rochelle altman willaa at netvision.net.il
Thu Oct 26 14:56:32 EDT 2006

Whatever, Karl,

The Israelites didn't live in segregated conclaves, towns of fairly good 
sized populations -- nope, they were scattered all over the place, or so 
you seem to assume. In Egypt of all places. Wow!
Residents of farming communities and hamlets didn't have to know the 
governing customs in order to survive, isn't that what you contend?

Peasants and nomads are not the most tradition ridden social groups, 
right?. They don't have to know the rules of the land they are in..
Illiterates don't have to know the rules or how to recognize official docs 
in order to survive, correct?

Luchot are hubcaps not tablets made of stone, wood or metal.Correct?

Moshe is God's voice, he speaks to the people for him, at least as 
presented in the MT. Exodus isn't full of that, right? No, siree, unique, 
not another ANE tradition. (what the heck do you think priestesses and 
priests did anyway? They were the voices of the God(s) their job was to 
speak to the peoples for the gods and vice versa. Naw, Moshe isn't 
following ANE traditions.)

The Israelites never followed any ANE traditions, not even to the making of 
animal idols.

They were just conscripted laborers, oh yeah? Ever actually read the 
complaints? Do so some time. They kvetch about taxes, not the labor.

Solomon's; temple wasn't built in the tradition of ANE temples and ANE 
temples didn't have courtyards -- with walls, right?. Ever read up on 
Herod's temple -- small for historic reasons? That's why he built that huge 
plaza, couldn't change the dimensions of the Temple.

And I don't assert that the PaleoLev is confirmation; I mention it as a 
possible indication. Nothing more.

Whatever pleases you is fine by me.

Enough. I have work to do. I finally managed to get a copy of an article 
that I need to finish a project I've been working on for more than two years.

bye, bye,


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