[b-hebrew] actual Hebrew question about Daniel 9:25

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Oct 21 21:09:32 EDT 2006

> From: K Randolph Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 11:50 AM
> Steve:
> I'm not a translator, I tend to follow the Hebrew too closely.
> 25) Know and discern, from the going out of the expression to cause to
> return and to build Jerusalem until the anointed leader seven sevens,
> and sixty and two sevens the city will be returned (do any of the DSS
> have "settled' תושב ?) and built, square and neighborhood, even in
> times of repeated troubles,
> 26) and after the sixty and two sevens Anointed will be cut off and
> there is nothing for him, and a people of the coming leader will cause
> to destroy the city and the set apart (place) and its end in a washing
> over (used metaphorically of troops flowing over like a flood) and
> unto the end desolating war is decreed,
> Notice, the sixty and two sevens is mentioned once in reference to the
> returning and rebuilding of Jerusalem, then after the ("the" is there
> in the Hebrew) sixty and two sevens, in other words this is a
> reference back to the same sixty and two sevens, something else is
> mentioned. Quite frankly, in the context, I don't see a problem with
> repeating "sixty and two sevens", the contexts are different even
> though in the same passage.
 [Steve Miller] Karl, thanks for translating. 
There are no DSS witnesses to these verses. 
I think it is good to follow the Hebrew closely, but your translation is not
English. It doesn't matter if you don't see a problem. The problem with it
is totally objective. "and 62 7's the city will be returned" is not correct
or even understandable English. Unless you resolve the details, or
consciously isolate the ones you can't resolve, your exposition of it is not
-Steve Miller

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