[b-hebrew] Is Torah a theological text today?

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YOU don't think it is?? Who are YOU?
I'm 77 YO and since you asked me publicly, I'll finally answer and if I'm 
wrong then I'll stand corrected.

Bill Simms, financial manager, and I (computer professional) in 1971 created 
and implemented the very first billing and revenue software for 
International Communications Satellite.  A project they said couldn't be 
done.  Especially the tv part. Well, we started with tv and the rest was 
easy, video/voice/data.  It was done on punched cards and a tape-driven IBM 
mainframe and it lasted 17 years.

I not only can read (with dictionary) the Torah in English/Hebrew/Spanish 
but also in all the forms of the real lingua frenca which consists of only 
two characters: plus/minus a range of volts.  Everything we are 
communicating at the instant is actually in the form of this electronic 
language.  In my daze it was 5 volts, today I think it's 3 volts. The 
languages are called COBOL, FORTRAN, JAVA:)

My problem with the whole electronic language is do we have a U.N. 
definition of the precise voltage?  It sure would help the energy and cost 
of communications for the U.N. to do this.  They can do it in the name of 
Jesus or Muhammad or RaMBaM.  I don't care, but just do it:)

first comes emet, then comes shalom, then and only then can there be love. 

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