[b-hebrew] Genesis 2:15 and 2:17 is garden feminine?

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 13 18:02:17 EST 2006

I don't think that Genesis 3:2-3 shows that Adam and Eve would die from 
eating the fruit because the plural verb "you will die" is used. It is 
possible that Adam misunderstood the original quote from Genesis 2:17 "you 
will die". Maybe G-d said "she (the garden) will die" and Adam thought he 
meant "you will die". Maybe Adam told Eve the wrong information about who 
will die, them or the garden.

Actually, this is just a wild guess. I think it probably said "you will 
die", but I was just considering another possibility for fun. I think Adam 
and Eve did not have knowledge of good and evil before they ate the fruit to 
know that the snake was lying to them , so they were not punished as 
severely and did not die that day.

Kenneth Greifer

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