[b-hebrew] Yitzhak, Respose canaanites and Language

Joel Stucki joel at stucki.ws
Fri Jun 30 23:09:27 EDT 2006

On 6/30/06, Stephen <stephen4yeshua at yahoo.com> wrote:
> What I am also TRYING TO UNDERSTAND is the logical progression of Abraham's
> Language to the language of his children and logically onto the Israelites in Egypt.
>   Stephen Benjamin, Texas

Yitzhak gave a very good post on minimalist vs maximalist that
summarizes the situation very precisely. I encourage you to read that
post. Basically anything earlier than the Davidic Monarchy is
hopelessly lost to time and lack of records. While there is nothing
that would make the biblical story impossible (although there are a
few rough spots), there is also nothing to support it. A good question
would be: what do we know about the progression of Hebrew from David's
time to the second temple period? To reconstruct earlier than this
(and you will find no shortage of theories tracing Hebrew back to
Adam) is a matter of speculation or faith.
Where Yitzhak and I differ is that he has defended the position that
scholarly methods and archaeological/linguistic data are the only
method available to know the "true" history. While I have great
respect for that position I would have to say that inspiration is also
a source for knowing the "true" history but discussion of such is way
beyond the scope of this list. However, if you are looking to know
much about such details of Abraham I am afraid that is the only place
you can turn. Best of luck to you.

Joel Stucki
Phoenix, AZ

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