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Recently I was sent a photograph of pages 124-5 
offlist where another person (who shall remain 
nameless) tried to convince me that Qohelet is 

Yes, the book is amazing. The biggest thing that 
amazed me is that Saenz-Badillos presented no 
linguistic data, just speculation. He made claims 
based on how he reconstructed how Hebrew should 
have been, without referencing documentation of how 
Hebrew actually was. Actually, he can't reference 
documentation, as the documents needed to back up 
his claims do not exist. Some of his claims were 
actually based on the Masoretic pointing, as if 
that has some bearing on the original consonantal 
text. On the surface those pages appeared erudite, 
but when I tried to follow up on them, I found them 
either contradicted by Biblical data, speculative 
or mere assertions that I could not follow up on.

If the rest of the book is like those two pages, I 
wouldn't waste my time on it.

Of course, I'm assuming that the photograph which 
has the title as "History of the Hebrew language"  
with no author is the same book.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> From: "Chris and Nel" <wattswestmaas at eircom.net>
> ...
> Yitzhak wrote
> I am not sure what you have read, but obviously you have not read any
> linguistic description of Hebrew.  Try "A History of the Hebrew Language"
> by Saenz-Badillos.
> Chris replies
> >>>>> So Funny this, it is his book that caused me to post this question in
> >>>>> the first place!!!!
> I got half way through and had to begin again and again.  All those
> linguistic data and terminology is a nightmare for me and so it is hard to
> appreciate.  But I have found it
> extremely helpful none the less.  Unfortunately it will not educate me too
> much because I have no background understanding of all that detailed
> movement of sound change etc.
> ...
> Best Regards
> Chris Watts (A self learner, not a student)
> Ireland

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