[b-hebrew] : .. benjaminites before there was a benjamin

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Sat Jun 24 17:55:55 EDT 2006

    J     Anna....     _c60605 at aol.com_ (mailto:c60605 at aol.com)  ... in my 
internet ramblings,  i'm getting snippets of data re  existence of a ''tribe  of 
  benjamin''  before benjamin  { or jacob ) ever lived.    Do  ''we'' give 
any credence to this concept ?
urls  such  
as   _https://listhost.uchicago.edu/pipermail/ane/2002-March/001077.html_ 
(https://listhost.uchicago.edu/pipermail/ane/2002-March/001077.html)    ...  AND  
(http://www.antiqillum.com/texts/bg/Legacy/Legacy008.htm)     AND      
(http://lists.ibiblio.org/pipermail/b-hebrew/2000-January/006355.html)     AND    
FROM  what i can gather from these sites,    the   PURPORTED  script goes 
something like this .....  A  group of       pre-jacob          amorites       
{or at least folks gathered around  city of mari } were known as bini  jaminu or 
similar  spellings.   One of the above web-pages even uses the term   ''race  
of  benjamin.''     As centuries wore  on, jacob and his progeny came along,  
and the tribe jews and christians  know as  ''benjaminites''  eventually 
intermarried with the  pre-jacob  bini  jaminu.    Indeed, it seems to moi  that 
the tanakh often uses 'benjaminite' to refer to an     AMALGAM   of mixed 
ethnic groups -- including the descendents of THE  benjamin.


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