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Tue Jun 20 23:30:17 EDT 2006

Gen 46:15 refers to 33 sons and daughters beside Dinah through Leah, but the sons and grandsons listed in Gen 46:8-14 total to 33. Is the translation "sons and daughters" correct?

Brian & Laureen Powell <powellbrian at omf.net> wrote:
  > Dear James,
> The only thing that was "already observed" is that Karl said that
> "daughters" means more than just daughters. While I do not oppose the
> idea, I would like Karl, or anyone else, to cite a few concrete examples.
> Yigal

One possible example that comes to mind is where Naomi refers to Ruth
and Orpah, her daughters-in-law as 'my daughters'. Ruth 1:11-13



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