[b-hebrew] Issues with replying to messages

Edward Andrews edandrews at adelphia.net
Fri Jun 9 23:53:40 EDT 2006


I have a question. Maybe you can help. When I hit "reply" for B-Trans, it responds just fine. When I hit "reply" for "B-Greek" and "B-Hebrew" it comes up with being to the senders personal address and not the group. If I hit reply all, it comes up to the senders personal and the group. Then, I was simply deleting the senders and having it go to the group. Would you have and idea why it is working just fine for B-Trans but not the rest?

Ed Andrews

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> Please do share with me the info on how to do such a config.
> In regards to the long term members. Since this is such a brainy group, 
> I'm sure for them to hit reply instead of reply all should not be that 
> much of an issue. I mean we are dealing with folks who are engaged in 
> high intellectual activities here. :)
> In any case, such a change would effect the people who respond the old 
> way. If anyone currently responds to the board they are either clicking 
> "reply all" or "reply" and then entering in the list's address. The 
> change we are talking about would not prevent them from doing such, as 
> they could still operate as they always have with the same results. The 
> change would just make things easier.
> But in any case, it was just an idea/suggestion.
> So please do direct me on configuring my account so that I don't get 
> double messages, and I guess from now on I'll do the "reply all" button. 
> (Except this time of course.)
> B"H
> Brak
> Peter Kirk wrote:
>>Brak, I think I agree with you, although a change after 10 years would 
>>confuse long term members. But there is an user settable option, which I 
>>have set and you might like to, such that you do not receive a copy from 
>>the list of messages also copied to you.
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