[b-hebrew] MDBR vs. YSYMWN

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The distinction that I see is that a Y$YMWN is a desolated 
place, while a MDBR is a place typified by thorns and 
stingers. The latter is because MDBR as a word is related 
to words meaning to sting, poke or injure with a sharp 
object; bee (which has a stinger); thorn and pestilence. 
Usually such places are also desolated, hence the two 
terms can often describe the same places.

Karl W. Randolph.

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Subject: [b-hebrew] MDBR vs. YSYMWN
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> Hello,
> I have a question.  Is there a difference in meaning
> between MDBR (Midbar) and YSYMWN (Yeshimon)?  At least one
> lexicon indicates that MDBR is a savannah / grasslands
> suitable for grazing while while YSYMWN is a desolate
> desert.  However, in practice the two seem to be used
> interchangeably (Obviously, there is a town named Yeshimon
> in Judea but let's ignore that for this discussion).  They
> are both often used to describe the same location (e.g.
> Sinai) and have been translated into English using the same
> words (wilderness, wasteland, desert).  How much overlap in
> their semantic domaine is there between these two words?
> Jack Tladatsi
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