[b-hebrew] PS Re: Daniel 11:22

Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Wed Aug 30 11:23:01 EDT 2006

Shoshanna Walker wrote:

>Rambam listed what the requirements of Mashiach are, who it is, and 
>what Mashiach must accomplish in order to be considered Mashiach
>Translating a word doesn't mean they understand the concept or even 
>accept the concept.
>Obviously I can't be more specific on this forum, or get into 
>arguments of doctrine.  I can do that off list if anyone wants.

HH: The concept comes from the Bible, God's word. We can appreciate any 
light on the Scriptures that Rambam may have to shed. You are certainly 
allowed to share anything Rambam may have said about the Scripture. No 
one is saying that the greatest Jewish exegetes of the Bible are 
inappropriate for this list.

Harold Holmyard

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