[b-hebrew] Hebrew "If-and" construction and the Book of Mormon

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(sorry, reposting because I forgot to include the vs in Gen 34 which 
were discussed earlier.)

I examined all the occurrances of )M in Gen.,

1) LXX does not translate if-vav as if-and. The only place it did was Gen
34:16, by ending the sentence at the end of v 15.

2) These are the if-and's in Hebrew in Gen.:
Genesis 13:9; 14:23; 18:26; 24:8,38,41; 28:20-21; 31:8; 32:8; 33:10; 
34:15-6,17; 38:9;43:9; 44:26,32; 47:6
All these, seem to me, to be cases of tit-for-tat, 
if <you do this>, <I also will do that>. A weaker cause-effect.
None of them have an imperative for the unconditional clause, 
which would by necessity be a strong cause-effect. 
Likewise none have God as the subject of
the conditional clause, like the quotes from BoM, which are cause-effect
as strong as you can get.

3) These are the if-s not followed by and, which have an if <conditional>
<unconditional> structure.  Some of these are strong cause-effect, 
Some have imperatives for the unconditional clause, 
[Steve Miller] 
some have God as the subject of the conditional., some are natural laws:
4:7; 18:3,21; 20:7; 23:8,13; 24:49; 25:22; 27:46; 30:1,31; 31:50;
42:16,19; 43:4,11; 44:23; 47:29; 50:4
I did not list those which are not if <conditional> <unconditional>
structure: i.e. KY )M, or have the unconditional phrase before the
There are 76 )M occurrances in Gen.

-Steve Miller

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Hello Steve, I assume you have the means to search these things with
type of LXX software. Could you tell me if there are any other examples
this phenomenon where it is translatedl literally as "and' in the
LXX. Also, does it exist in Thompson's LXX (Gen 34:16) as it does in
Brenton's? I wasn't able to find an online version of Thompson.
Thanks in advance,

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