[b-hebrew] Hebrew "If-and" construction and the Book of Mormon

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On 17/08/2006 02:09, Steve Miller wrote:
>> ...
> [Steve Miller]The LXX is the most literal translator of the vav as "and".
> In Gen 34:15-17, previously ref'd, LXX translates the vav at the beginning
> of v16 as "and", but as nothing in the middle of v17.
Good point. Could Smith have been influenced by the LXX? Or perhaps by a 
literal translation of LXX into English, such as Thomson's (from 
> *1808*. Charles Thomson, /The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New 
> Covenant, Commonly called the Old and New Testament; Translated from 
> the Greek, by Charles Thomson, Late Secretary to the Congress of the 
> United States/. 4 vols. Philadelphia: Jane Aitken, 1808. Thomson was 
> secretary of the Continental Congress from 1774-1789. Volumes 1-3 
> present the first English translation of the Septuagint 
> <http://www.bible-researcher.com/lxx.html>. The Old Testament was 
> reprinted by S. F. Pells in 1904 (London: Skeffington), and revised by 
> C. A. Muses in 1954 (Indian Hills, Colorado: Falcon's Wing).

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