[b-hebrew] Septuagintal influence on Masoretic Hebrew text

Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Sun Aug 13 16:50:31 EDT 2006

Eric Weiss wrote:

>In its appendix on manuscripts used for both the Hebrew Scriptures (OT) and 
>the Greek (NT) Scriptures, a New Testament I was perusing makes the following 
>"The Hebrew version in circulation today, the so-called Massoretic (sic) 
>Text, is chiefly a re-translation of the Septuagint into Medieval Hebrew 
>that was produced in stages between the 2nd and 9th centuries and upon 
>which the Old Testament King James Version is based.... The 
>Massoretic (sic) Text is partly a restoration of these six translations 
>[i.e., Aquila (A.D. 130), Theodotion (A.D. 180), Symmachus (A.D. 210), 
>and the so-called Quinta, Sexta, and Septima (all 3rd century)] as well." 
>If I am correctly understanding this, they are saying that the Hebrew Masoretic 
>text is in large part a re-translation from a Septuagintal/Greek text. How valid is 
>this claim? It's the first time I've heard/read such a thing. If it's a false or 
>erroneous claim, where can I find sources/documentation to disprove it?

It's complete nonsense. Any book should be able to refute it. Try Ernst 
Würthwein, _The Text of the Old Testament_ or F. F. Bruce, _The Canon of 

Harold Holmyard

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