[b-hebrew] psalm 22:9 and 15 as heap

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 4 01:09:34 EDT 2006

I have a few strange ideas about a different way of translating Psalm 22. I 
am not trying to make a religious argument about if the psalm is messianic 
or not. I know that my ideas are wacky and that I am a crackpot, but I would 
like to find out what people who know Hebrew think about these ideas, and 
they don't have an internet site especially for crackpots to ask their 
strange Hebrew questions.

Psalm 22:9 is usually translated as "commit to the L-rd" or "he trusted on 
the L-rd", but maybe it could say "a heap is to the L-rd".

Psalm 22:15 says something like "like water I was poured out, and all of my 
bones have parted, my heart was like wax melted in the midst of my inner 
parts". Maybe it could say "in the midst of a heap" (mem ayin yud). If your 
bones separate, wouldn't it mean that you would collapse into a heap?

In Psalm 22:7, the writer compares himself to a worm. A worm does not have 
hands, feet, or bones. Maybe if a person's bones separate, he would collapse 
into a heap and be worm-like because he would not have any structure to 
support his body.

Maybe Psalm 22:17 might say that "dogs have surrounded me... like a lion, my 
hands and my feet I will count, all of my bones they will see..." Maybe he 
went from feeling weak like a worm to later feeling strong like a lion, and 
his enemies went from being strong bulls surrounding him to weak dogs 
surrounding him.

A worm does not have hands, feet, and bones, but a lion does. Maybe that is 
why he would mention that he has hands, feet, and bones ( a structure to 
support his body). As a worm and a heap, he had no bones to support him.

Please tell me the many ways I am wrong. Thank you.

Kenneth Greifer

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