[b-hebrew] Yom in Biblical and Rabbinic Texts

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Are you saying that G-d's holiness-light did not exist before He said 
"vayehi or"?

The Oral Torah, as passed down by Haza"l (tell me if you have another 
source) reflects an allegorical understanding of the Creation story - they 
knew quite well that "yom" here cannot mean a 24-hour day.


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> Not to mention, that there is another prominent meaning to light -
> ie; G-d's light, holiness, that which nourishes the world, etc., in
> the spiritual sense.  But, as I have said many times, you have to
> accompany your learning the written Torah with learning the Oral
> Torah to understand Torah.
> Shoshanna
> Light and the Sun/stars are two completely different entities.
> Why should it pose a problem that they were created at different
> times?
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