[b-hebrew] God vs angels in Ps 8:5

John W. Leys eliyahu5733 at jerusalem.zzn.com
Tue Mar 29 06:59:21 EST 2005

Deborah Millier wrote:

>Ben Crick wrote:
>> was trying to leave aside the NT 
>>interpretation, and stay with Psalm 
>>8:5 "as is".
>Oh come now Revd Crick, is it possible to leave MT Psa
>8:5 �as is�? Or even desirable? Then what have you
Then you have the plain literal meaning of the text. And yes, it is both 
possible and desirable.

>To arrive at *meaning* for a biblical text,
>interpretation must be employed, right? 
All depends on what sort of "meaning" you are trying to find. Do you 
want to know what the text actually says, or do you wish to know what 
others interpreted it to say years afterwards?

>And a Jew might draw from usage, quotes, and/or
>allusions to said passage in the Mishnah, Midrashim,
>Targumim, Rashi, etc. Correct? He/she might even dip
>into the NT along the way for its say on a text�s
>history of interpretation.
And much of what they would find in Rabbinic would be counter productive 
if one is trying to find the plain meaning of the text, as the Rabbis 
often chose drash over pshat.

> But where the
>NT touches on a topic germane to Hebrew, why take the
>long way around? NT evidence is at least that:
But evidence of what? The NT bears very little on what the Psalter wrote 
several hundred years earlier. The NT can tell you what some first 
century Jews felt these texts mean, but it will be of little use in 
ascertaining what the plain meaning of the psalm is.

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