[b-hebrew] Re: Samaritan-Hebrew Schism

Jim West jwest at highland.net
Fri Mar 18 15:12:38 EST 2005

Chris Weimer wrote:

> They more than likely split after Yahwism was an established religion 
> in the north, since their ideology so clearly revolves around the 
> Torah and Torah only. Most likely it was after the return from the 
> exile and probably about the time lesser deities started to disappear 
> (Asherah et al), which would give it around the 3rd century BCE. By 
> the late second century we get traces of Rabbinical Judaism which 
> would further develop in the 1st century BCE with the DSS. I doubt it 
> would have been this late, since Aramaic form was already by here the 
> norm. So a third century split seems reasonable enough.

The best book on the Samaritans is the one by Ingrid Hjelm

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