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I have Rosenthal's 5 volumes and I honestly don't think you could do 

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>I was looking to see if the "B Aramaic" still existed but perhaps it does not.  I've been looking at some various Aramaic grammars.  Pretty thin pickings.  I have the works by Alger Johns and Stevenson.  I have not seen Greenspahn or Rosenthal but I hear they are good (esp the latter).  Anyone here familiar with David Marcus' grammar or the volume on "Galilean Aramaic" by Caspar Levias?  Perhaps the Bergstrasser and Brockelmann give a good overview of Aramaic?
>I feel pretty confident with Hebrew and I'm mostly concerned with the biblical era (non-Syriac) Aramaic.  It seems that most of the available grammar just concentrate on the small portions of Aramaic in the bible and ignore the DSS, Targums, and other important writings.
>Any thoughts?

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