[b-hebrew] impure food

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Wed Jun 15 17:43:14 EDT 2005

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I guess  earthenware can be fired but unglazed, and that according to Milgrom
this  is the only type  that need be broken. That must be rabbinic, it’s not 
in  the text.
Also, I don’t understand why food that is wet becomes impure.  What about 
They boiled the meat before the ark at  Shiloh.

AFAIK the rabbis disagree with Milgrom and maintain that glazed pottery has  
the same law as unglazed pottery.  (At least this is true in regard to laws  
of kashrut.)
I'm not sure what you are saying about the food that is wet.  Being  wet 
doesn't make it impure.  But if the rules are like those of kashrut, in  some 
circumstances being wet can make food more likely to transmit  impurity.

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