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Thanks to everyone for the interesting discussion.  

OK, I got the *defective* holem vav part.  What about the 
qamats though.  Liver is spelled with a qamets under the 
kaf and glory has a shewa under the kaf.  In each of the 
four cases where the defective holem vav occured in *glory*
, the shewa replaced the qamets, which was part of my 
confusion on issue.

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> >...
> >In the case Gen 31:1 the context would strongly suggest 
> >that the usual translation KBD as wealth seems 
> >The other three are usually translated as glory or honor 
> >but the context seems less than clear to me, which is 
> >to say that liver somehow makes more sense.
> >  
> >
> KABOD = "glory" has a holam for the second vowel 
(contrast KABED = 
> "liver" with tsere) but this holam can be either full 
i.e. with a vav or 
> "defective" i.e. just the holam dot. In Gen 31:1, 49:6 
etc the spelling 
> is the "defective" one, but the pointing with holam 
clearly indicates 
> that at least to the Masoretes this should be understood 
as "glory" (or 
> "wealth"), not "liver". But Gen 49:6 (in parallel with 
NEPE$) may be a 
> Masoretic pointing eror, for the Septuagint translated as 
"liver", TA 
> As for Exodus 33:18,22, surely "glory" makes more sense 
than "liver". 
> There are a number of cases in the Hebrew Bible where the 
visible (or 
> Shekinah - not a biblical word) glory of YHWH appears, 
e.g. Ex 40:34, 1 
> Kings 8:11 (in each case KABOD with the full spelling), 
but I don't know 
> of any case of him showing his liver! Of course the 
English rendering 
> "glory" may be problematic, because in modern English we 
don't think of 
> "glory" as something visible. But the concept should be 
clear from the 
> other occurrences.
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