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Hi Jack,

The basic meaning of KBD is "heavy". As such, it is used as "heavy with
wealth". I assume that the same word is used for "liver", because a liver
is "heavy with blood", although I'm not sure of the etymology.

KaBoD means "honor"/"glory" etc. This meaning is also probably related to
"heavy", but that's not important. 

Both words are spelled with a qamats. The shewa indicated the construct -
"glory of..." or "liver of...". The holam can be written either with or
without a Vav (there are rules for that as well, but there are

And by the way, Vav is usually indicated by W, not V.


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I have a question.  The word KBD (Kabed) is translated as 
liver.  In the 14 times it is used in the OT, there was a 
qamets under the kaf 12 times and a shewa two times (Pro 
7:23 and Lam 2:1).  There is a tsere under the bet every 

The word KBVD (Kabod) is translated as *glory*, *honor*, or 
*wealth*  (and few other ways).  It is usually spelled with 
a shewa under kaf and holem vav.  However I have noticed 
four instances where there is a word that looks very much 
like KBD, including the qamats under the kaf but is 
translated as if it were KBVD.  These are Gen 31:1, Gen 
49:6, Ex 33:18, and Ex 33:22 (KBVD occurs 200 times in the 
OT, I have not checked every entry yet).  

In the case Gen 31:1 the context would strongly suggest 
that the usual translation KBD as wealth seems appropriate.  
The other three are usually translated as glory or honor 
but the context seems less than clear to me, which is not 
to say that liver somehow makes more sense.

So is KBD just a synonym for KBVD?  It is a scribal error?  
Is it a euphemism for something?  Is there some pun or word 
play between KBD and KBVD?  Something else?

Jack Tladatsi
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