[b-hebrew] Excess consonants in the WLC Torah.

Christopher V. Kimball mail at cvkimball.com
Sun Jun 5 20:18:14 EDT 2005

A computerized count of the number of consonants in the normal + kethib 
sections of the Torah books of the WLC Tanach is 304,848. The Koren 
edition of the Torah (Torah, Nevi'im, uKetuvim [Jerusalem: Koren, 1962]) 
has 304,805 consonants (see "The Bible 'Codes': A Textual Perspective, 
Jeffrey H Tigay, University of Pennsylvania, October 13, 1999 
http://www.sas.upenn.edu/~jtigay/codetext.html , reference 5. ). Thus 
the Koren edition has 43 fewer consonants than the WLC. (A 0.01441% 

Do differences of this level (43 out of  305848) seem plausible?  Is 
there an accepted explanation?

A collection of statistics from the WLC are available at:

http://www.cvkimball.com/Tanach/Lists/Counts.xml .

If you don't understand a given statistic or would like another 
statistic, please advise.

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