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Read James C wrote:

>However, this is by no means a conclusive proof that Moshe did not 
>author the rest of the Torah as Hebrew tradition holds.
>The fact that there is so little difference between the Torah of the 
>Yehudans and the Samaritan Torah shows that they both held the same 
>tradition that they held sacred enough to copy it scrupulously.
>After the death of Solomon the kingdom divided and started a conflict 
>which ended in the level of animosity that we read about in the gospels
>between the Yehudans and the Samaritans.
>Does it seem scholarly that two opposing kingdoms who considered each 
>other to be worse than the 'gentiles' would have collaborated in a 
>conspiracy to fool the two nations into believing that Moshe was the 
>original author of the Torah???
>I think not!!!
>This clearly shows that in the days of Solomon, before the separation 
>of the two kingdoms, the Torah as we know it was already well accepted 
>and canonised by the Isrealite nation as a whole. Thus there is no doubt 
>to what scroll Nehemiah was referring to in his post-exilic writings.
>The only question that remains is:
>Why the different use of the term 'torah' in the book of Yehoshua and 
>the book of Nehemiah?

etc.  all snipped for the sake of space.

There are so many presuppositions here- so many unfounded ideas and 
unhistorical datum that there's no way to answer point by point without 
writing a book.  I would only say that almost every line is based on a 
priori notions that will not hold water.  If I might be so bold as to 
recommend Philip Davies little book- Whose Bible is it Anyway.  It's an 
excellent place to start.


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