[b-hebrew] Judaica digital library offer extended until August 15

Dan Kaplan dan at publishersrow.com
Sun Jul 10 11:38:08 EDT 2005


At the beginning of July, I sent a special offer on two of our digital 
Judaic packages, but with so many people on vacation, everyone felt that 
they needed more time to react.  So, I have extended this special offer 
through August 15th.  Ordering by August 15th will assure that your 
incoming students will be able to use this fantastic study aid for the full 
academic year.  You don't have to pay anything right now - I will send an 
invoice to the designated person or department.

By accepting the offer below, your institution will become host to a 
collection of digital reference materials that makes biblical and modern 
Jewish writings simple, understandable, and exciting to use. 

Would you please review this offer and recommend it to the appropriate 
people or just let me know who I should re-address this message to?

Thank you very much.  

Dan Kaplan, 
Marketing Director, VardaBooks
dan at publishersrow.com  

		Announcing a  Special Offer
	              to Theological and Organizational Libraries

		3-seat network license for the
		price of one on our
		two best sellers

		Rabbinic Bookshelf ($495)

		Judaic Scholar Digital
		Reference Library ($695)
		Now both only $1,190

No need to pay now! Tell us of your intent to purchase by emailing us - ( 
mailto:dan at publishersrow.com?subject=Library_Purchase ) - and we'll send 
you an invoice.  Please include your complete contact information.

*Offer good until 08/15/05; site licenses are available

Now your school's library can be host to an incredible collection of 
digital reference materials which make biblical scholarship simple, 
understandable, and exciting. With full text search in English, Hebrew and 
Greek, and more than 100,000 interlinks, your students and faculty will be 
able to get their research done faster and more comprehensively than ever 

    Rabbinic Bookshelf (15 books / $495)

    Price, if purchased separately:  $ 961.75

    You Save:   $ 466.75 (48.5%)

    An awesome bundle of JPS Torah Commentaries and some of the most 
important collections of Midrashim. The commentaries have been made to work 
interactively with JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh (Scholar PDF), which is 
included as a part of this bookshelf.

    Click here for more details about this collection: 

    Judaic Scholar Digital Reference Library (98 books / $695)

    Price, if purchased separately:  $ 2487.15

    You Save:   $ 1792.15 (72.1%)

    The world's largest library of English-language digital Judaica; an 
unprecedented collection of nearly 100, many award winning, titles.

    CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE: Lea, Baer, Roth, Chouraqui, Baron, Abrahams, 
Alter, Netanyahu, Bentwich, Frazer, Bauer, Chomsky, Dubnow, Graetz, Jacobs, 
Baek, Ash, Ginzberg, Yellin, Hartman, Scholem, Twersky, Borowitz, Gillman, 
Ibn Gabirol, Maimonides, Baron, Radin, Modrzejewski, Finkelstein, Freehof, 
Lamm, and many others

    In the collection are such classics as:

    *A History of the Jews in Christian Spain (Y. Baer, 2 vols.; Library 
contains more then 20 major works dealing with various aspects of Sephardic 
    *History of Jews of Russia and Poland (S. Dubnow, 3 vols.)
    *The Jewish Community (Baron, 3 vols.)
    *Legends of the Bible (Ginzberg)
    *Torah: The Five Books of Moses (JPS)

    And over 100 additional titles . . . Click here for more details about 
this collection: 

	Order by August 15th and as an added incentive, 
	you'll get a 3-seat license for the classic
	Jewish Encyclopedia 

    The monumental 12-volume work which laid the foundation of Jewish 
scholarship in America, written by more than 400 contributors from all over 
the world -- many considered "the founding fathers" of their respective 
disciplines ,--The Jewish Encyclopedia remains the standard in many 
important areas of Judaica.

    Originally published between 1901-1906, the 12-volume Jewish 
Encyclopedia is in plain English written from an American perspective.

    It contains over 15,000 articles covering all important aspects of 
Jewish life until the beginning of 20th century (articles dealing with 
Tanakh alone take up almost 1,500 pages) and more than 2,100 Jewish-
interest illustrations, which can be used royalty-free in your personal and 
non-commercial projects.

    While the Encyclopedia does not contain information on modern Jewish 
History (e.g., the creation of Israel, the Holocaust, Soviet Jewry etc.), 
it neither does contain 100 years of accumulated cultural bias, thus 
providing an invaluable "different point of view" which should enable you 
to take a fresh look at today's realities and evaluate prospects for the 

    The Encyclopedia 's coverage is immense: you get authoritative, citable 
information on the most important topics of Jewish History, Biography, 
Sociology, Literature, Theology, Philosophy, Jewish beliefs, People, 
Places, Language, Scripture, Holidays, Practices, and Customs.

Order Now
     and we will ship to you these magnificent works
    on courtesy CD-ROM
    (a $14.95 value)

Orders must be received by August 15th. No need to pay now! 

clicking the order button below and we'll send you an invoice. 
Please include your complete contact information. 

This Special Offer is brought to you in partnership with eBookShuk.com; 
comes with an unconditional 30-day GUARANTEE of your money back for any 
reason whatsoever if you are not completely satisfied.

Site licenses for libraries and institutions are available.

To be removed from this list, please send me an email: 
dan at publishersrow.com

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