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There are several that come to mind:

"A Basic Grammar of Ugaritic Language with Selected Texts and Glossary"
by Stanislav Segert
University of California Press, 1984
xxvi + 213 pages, English, Cloth
ISBN: 0520039998
List Price: $65.00
This is actually quite useable and contains a selection of texts with
notes and glossary.

"Ugaritic Grammar" NOTE: In HEBREW!
Biblical Encyclopaedia Library - BEL 9
by Daniel Sivan
Bialik Institute, 1993
xiv + 213 pages, Hebrew, Paper
List Price: $32.00

"Ugaritic Textbook: Grammar, Texts in Transliteration, Cuneiform 
Selections, Glossary, Indices"
3 volumes in slip case cover
Analecta Orientalia - AO 38
by Cyrus H. Gordon
Biblical Institute Press / Editrice Pontificio Istituto Biblico, 1998
xvi + 547 pages + 31* + 8 page supplement, English, Paper
ISBN: 8876532382
List Price: $87.00
Don't let the date fool you, this is actually quite old and virtually
impossible to learn from! It contains a large number of texts, but the
standard numbering now is not UT, but KTU/CTA (see below)

"Ugaritische Grammatik"
Alter Orient und Altes Testament - AOAT 273
by Josef Tropper
Ugarit-Verlag, 2000
xxii + 1056 pages, German, Cloth
ISBN: 3927120901
List Price: $100.00
This is a reference grammar, and HUGE.  There is a joke that he wrote
paragraph for every line of Ugaritic that we have.  Note also that
Dennis Pardee published in AFO a 100+ page review of it, available here:

An abridgement of the above:
"Ugaritisch: Kurzgefasste Grammatik mit Ubungstexten und Glossar"
Elementa Linguarum Orientis - ELO 1
by Josef Tropper
Ugarit-Verlag, 2002
xii + 168 pages, German, Paper
ISBN: 3934628125
List Price: $24.00

If you read French, these are very good [Disclaimer: I learned Ugaritic
from Dennis Pardee]:
"Manuel d'Ougaritique, volume 1: Grammaire et Facs similes"
by P. Bordreuil and Dennis Pardee
Geuthner (Librarie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner S.A.), 2004
177 pages, French and Ugaritic, Paper
ISBN: 2705337539
List Price: $62.00

"Manuel d'Ougaritique, volume 2: Choix de textes et Glossaire"
includes CD-ROM w/photos and facsimiles of the tablets
by P. Bordreuil and Dennis Pardee
Geuthner (Librarie Orientaliste Paul Geuthner S.A.), 2004
206 pages + CD-ROM, French and Ugaritic, Paper
ISBN: 2705337547
List Price: $62.00
Many people buy this one just for the sake of Dennis' collations

For the texts themselves (in addition to the one above):
The standard edition:
"The Cuneiform Alphabetic Texts from Ugarit, Ras Ibn Hani and Other
KTU: 2d edition
Abhandlungen zur Literatur Alt-Syrien-Palastinas und Mesopotamiens -
by Manfred Dietrich, Oswald Loretz and Joaquin Sanmartin
Ugarit-Verlag, 1995
xvi + 666 pages, English, Cloth
ISBN: 3927120243
List Price: $63.50

A bit old now, but still good for the mythological texts:
"Canaanite Myths and Legends"
2nd Edition
by John C. L. Gibson
T & T Clark, 1977
208 pages, English 
Paper: ISBN: 0567080897, List Price: $49.95
Cloth: ISBN: 0567023516, List Price: $69.95
This contains a transliteration and translation with notes.

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> Hi everyone,
> It seems I have to learn Ugaritic for something I want to study in
> Hebrew. What would the experts here say are good textbooks? Is there a
> nice collection of transcribed texts, or is it all scattered over
> various journals? I just want to get a good impression of how its
> syntax and morphology works, I'm not going to study Ugarit culture or
> anything. Sorry for bothering you, and thanks a lot.
> Herman
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