[b-hebrew] Basic observations on WAYYIQTOL

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On 18/08/2005 21:58, Yitzhak Sapir wrote:

>On 8/16/05, Peter Kirk wrote:
>>Thanks for this. I tend to agree with Rubinstein, at least to a first
>>approximation. But in 18:1 Abraham sitting is not QATAL but a participle
>>and so stative. However, 18:7 is a QATAL followed by a participle and
>And thank you for the correction, but is the form in 18:7 really QATAL and 
>not a participle?

Could be either, I agree. But my instinct that it is QATAL is confirmed 
by BDB which lists this as the only example of "perfect" 3ms of this verb.

If it was a participle, it would have to mean that Abraham was already 
running when he spoke to Sarah. Possible I suppose as we read in v.6 
that he hurried into the tent, although this really makes sense only if 
it was a rather large tent with two entrances, which seems improbable.

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