[b-hebrew] Gen22:13 YHWHYiReH

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On 15/08/2005 01:48, Read, James C wrote:

>In Gen22:13 Abraham names a place YHWHYireh. In BHS this is pointed as Y:HWaHYiR)eH. Do we know where this 
>place was? Has the name of the place been preserved? Is this pointing original or a masoretic substitution?
For a start, this is verse 14.

And then in the Hebrew this is two separate words, pointed and accented 
as such: YHWH yir'e. YHWH is pointed in its most common way, with just 
sheva and qamats. Yir'e is a regular verb form, the Qal YIQTOL of R'H, 
and so should be translated "is/was/will be seeing" - and in fact 
precisely the same form is used in v.8. I suppose the common translation 
"provides" or "will provide" in these verses is taken from the context. 
Thus this apparent place name is in fact a complete sentence consisting 
of two words.

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