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Jewish tradition identifies the spot with Moriah, the Temple Mount in
Jerusalem. Samaritan tradition, of course, identifies it with Mount Gerizim.
In any case, the explanation - "for on the mount of YHWH he shall be seen",
in understood to refer to the future place of pilgrimage and sacrifice.

The identification of Melchizedek's Shalem (Salem) with Jerusalem makes
sense from the context. And from the fact the the king of Jerusalem in
Joshua 10 is Adonizedek, and the Jerusalemite priest in the days of David
Zadok. "ZDQ" may have been a deity worshipped at Jerusalem until David's
time, or at least a dynastic name.

Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, Urisalimum, was called that way earlier, as the
name appears in the 19th century BCE Execration Texts and in the 14th
century El-Amarna letters.


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> We learn from a Midrash:
> "The original name of the place was Shalem - the name given it by
> Shem, son of Noah - whom the sages identify with Malchitzedek, king
> of Jerusalem.  After the Akeidah, Abraham called it Yireh.  In
> deference to both Shem and Abraham, G-d synthesized both names and
> called it Yerushalayim"
> Shoshanna
> >In Gen22:13 Abraham names a place YHWHYireh. In BHS this is pointed
> >as Y:HWaHYiR)eH. Do we know where this
> >place was? Has the name of the place been preserved? Is this
> >pointing original or a masoretic substitution?
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