[b-hebrew] 2Sam24:1 v. Gen18:1-3

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I would go even more slowly. When Abraham first sees the three "men", he
does not know that they are "angels". The addresses them "Adonai" - "sirs" -
not YHWH. He then offers them food, all the while continuing to address them
in the plural. It's only in verse 10 that they speak to Abraham in YHWH's

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> Another interesting account is the account in Genesis 18, where we are
told that Yah appears to Abram amidst
> the big trees at Mamre. The account futher elucidates that Abram raises
his eyes and sees three 'men'. In verse
> three he addresses them or one of them as YWHW.
> This section is particularly interesting because verse 2 starts with
WaYYi$$a). Is this a series of events?:
> 1) He sees Yah
> 2) He sees the men
> 3) He addresses them as Yah
> or is it backing up a little and explaining how things happened?:
> 1) Yah appears to Abram in the sense that 3 men (messengers) visit him and
Abram perceives that they are
> from Yah
> 2) Abram addresses them as YHWH because he knows they are his messengers
> I think this example adequately shows how a too literal idea of subjects,
objects and verbal sequence can cause
> the reader to grossly misunderstand the text.

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