[b-hebrew] FROM STAFF Re: Attributes of YHWH

Gene Gardner g_gardner1234 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 12 08:41:28 EDT 2005

B. M. Rocine brocine at twcny.rr.com 
Fri Aug 12 07:51:15 EDT 2005


Once again, folks, let's reign in the discussion. 
b-hebrew does not 
exist to decide the attributes of God.

Let me clarify:  In searching out a better
understanding of the Hebrew 
text of the Tanakh, we may teach and learn the
attributes of God along 
the way.  On the other hand, the topic "the attributes
of God" shall not be the primary and only topic of a
thread.  This is not a religion chat room.

With all due respect Bryan, I did not come to this
forum looking for a religious chat room. I came here
to discuss what the plain Hebrew text actually says,
and to discuss the opinions of other list members in
reference to this. Does the text cited say “face”, or
is it an errant translation. Do other texts say head
or feet in the Hebrew, or are they errant as well.
These are my questions, and they are based strictly on
the Hebrew text and what it says. Maybe the title of
the thread could be better, but my questions are based
solely on language, and not religion.

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