[b-hebrew] Tenses and aspects; was: footnotes

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Hi James,

bimqom is a preposition and its object, right?  What corresponds to a 
prepositional phrase in English?  And it is functioning adverbially, 
right?  Specifically, it is answering the question, "where?"

What verb is it modifying?  The answer tells us very definitely with 
which clause bimqom belongs.  There is nothing the slightest bit bendy 
about it.  There is nothing the slightest bit about it that has to do 
with where it appears on the page or what cantillation marks are 
employed in the verse.

Here the passage is diagrammed (ye'amer(a) is the first ye'amer in the 
verse, and ye'amer(b) is the second):

             ye'amer(b)--beney 'el xay
              /   \
         bimqom   lahem
         ye'amer(a)--lo' `amiy 'atem


Read, James C wrote:
> Yep!
> Rolf's right here.
> The argument becomes very circular when we have such a bendy definition of 
> clause initial.

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