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yes, Yigal, but as you said these are simply translations.
Marianne discussed the famous 1 Kings 20:11 --  )L YTHLL  XGR KMPTX and  provided a dozen words or so of English translation. I wonder if there is a more compact translation that approaches the impact of the original?
Now the structure of Semitic languages is different from  that of the English, yet it is the power of biblical Hebrew that is captivating to this day.

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> To diverge--I need a little help with modern Hebrew. How would one say
> "Let's put our cards on the table"--meaning "quit bluffing and show me
> hand"--aw, you know what I mean. There must be some expression like
that--and if
> it's in Biblical Hebrew that would be fine, too. Certainly, I know how to
> this in Yiddish, but it's rather vulgarly put ;-(

Hi Marianne,

The expression in modern Hebrew is almost a translation of the English (or
maybe of an equivilant German of French expression): Ptah et kol hakkelafim
(open all of the cards), or, Hasof et kol hakkelafim (expose all of teh


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