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Here is an excerpt from the Anchor Bible Dictionary article on Ai

Another violent destruction overtook the city about 2400 b.c., during the
5th Dyn. of Egypt. No definite identity of the aggressor is known, but a
scene in the tomb of Inti at Dishashi depicts the capture of a Canaanite
town, and a mutilated inscription names two cities, neither of which can
be identified. If Ai was taken from control of Egypt about 2550 b.c., it
would be among the cities in Canaan listed for recapture in any campaign
to regain control of the region. In any case, the city was completely
destroyed and abandoned, and was not reoccupied until Iron Age settlers
came upon the ruins of the site 1,200 years later, ca. 1200 b.c. 
Freedman, D. N. (1996, c1992). The Anchor Bible Dictionary. New York:

On Sat, 22 May 2004 17:51:18 EDT Ephraim49 at aol.com writes:
Hello Gfsomsel

You wrote the following:

<< There is, e.g. the problem of Ai which is described as
<<being immediated conquered after Jericho.  The occupation 
<<of this site shows nothing during this period.  There is nothing 
<<between the Early Bronze age and the Iron Age. 

Thanks for your input.  How about using definitive dates.  Are you 
saying there is nothing to support the 1400 BC timeframe?  That is
to be expected, since correct biblical chronology cites 1558 BC as 
being the  timeline.  What do the ruins of Ai show for that period?


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