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Hi, Ian.

It is indeed. Actually, it's a series put out by Hebrew University, not a
The full reference of the article that your looking for is:

Shelomo Morag, "On Some Lines of Similarity between Samaritan Hebrew and the
Yemenite Tradition of Post-Biblical Hebrew", in: Moshe Ben-Asher (ed.),
Language Studies V-VI (Israel Yeivin Festschrift), Jerusalem 1992, 245-264
(Hebrew with Eng. abstract on pp. xxx-xxxii).

Just in case you computer supports Hebrew, it's:

שלמה מורג, "מסורת שומרון ומסורת תימן: נקודות מפגש", בתוך: משה בר-אשר
(עורך.), מחקרים בלשון ה-ו (ספר היובל לישראל ייבין), עמודים 245-264.

If you want me to photocopy and mail you either the whole article or just
the abstact, send me your address.


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> Hi Listers,
> My teacher, Alan Crown, asked me if I knew the journal Hebrew Language
> Studies (article by Shlomo Morag in issue 5-6, 1992, 245-264).
> I wonder whether this is the journal whose Hebrew title is Mehqarim
> BeLashon?  It is not in the library here, so I can't check it out.
> Any theories?
> Thanks,
> Ian Young
> Sydney University
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